International Travelers International travelers can help to ensure healthy journeys with pre-travel vaccinations. Misionaries Missionaries often need special immunization for locales they will be visiting. Students Studying Abroad Students who travel for their studies may not think vaccination is relevant to them - it is. Cruise Travelers Cruise travelers visit many different ports and should protect themselves accordingly.  The aim of Travel Health of WNC is to raise awareness of advisable preventative measures that should be taken before traveling abroad and to provide those services for our clients.  We offer clear answers to both fundamental and complex questions on the minds of travelers going abroad.  Contact us today to schedule a brief counseling visit with one of our qualified physicians for your pre-travel vaccination needs. Post-travel evaluations are also available for illnesses that occur during or immediately after foreign travel with Asheville Infectious Disease Consultants. Who Should use the Services of Travel Health of WNC? NC State Licensed to administer the Yellow Fever Vaccine Call us today and travel well. 828-258-9635